Guangzhou Xingjin Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional fire suppression companies of making and installing fm200 fire suppression system and other fire fighting equipment.


Guangzhou xingjin fire equipment co., ltd. has a subsidiary called Guangzhou Xing You Rong trade Co., Ltd. These two companies locate in different places. Guangzhou xingjin fire equipment co., ltd. set himself at Shilou town, Panyu district, Guangzhou, and its subsidiary locate at free trade zone in Nansha district, Guangzhou city.

Factory Overview

Our fire suppression companies' office and factory are not separated. These two contain in the same building and the first floor is for factory use, the second floor for office use. We here have established a professional project design team and an excellent install and after-sale service team. Our good service and best quality have won a lot of good feedbacks from customers, but we still keep improving our technique trying to innovate more new fire fighting products.


As fire suppression companies, since established in 2000, we have won a lot of praise and honors. The title "AA level credit company" was given to us by China Fire Protection Association in 2014. Besides, all our products pass the CCC test that means the quality has been recognized.


The main products of our company are the fm200 series including the halocarbon fire extinguishing system, at the same time we also sell other fire fighting equipment, such as the anti-poison respirator, fire resistance rolling shutter and so on.

The fm200 fire suppression series has been divided into three big types. They are pipe network type fm200 fire suppression system, cabinet fm200 fire suppression system, hanging type halocarbon fire extinguishing system. This kind of products has been widely recognized as the best substitute for the halon series.

Main Markets

Our target customers are those people who require fire fighting equipment all over the world. We have quickly developed the Asian and African market until this year. In the following years, we will strive for other foreign markets.

We are ready for challenges, so please do not hesitate to send an inquiry to us!


Guangzhou Xingjin Fire Equipment Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer that focus on halocarbon fire extinguishing system. our factory is established in 2010, which is shared with three bosses who are professional in this field. according to the development of business and ideology of globalization. We are willing to open the door and embrace the world. This is exactly the intention we are doing now and the meaning of our development.

As it is like the slogan of our company, “leading technology, innovation and unlimited, people-oriented, quality first, customer first, the pursuit of excellence”, we continually forge ahead under the guidance of it. 

We have created respectable sales performance. of course, you would know it is really difficult to step forward if you are familiar with this field. There are many obstacles in front of our way to move forward, such as the communication of projects and transportation with high-pressure gas and acceptance based on different production standards or other inner factors. Surely, these situations can not become the excuses to hinder our way to success. after all, we believe that where there is will, there is a way.

On condition that our main market is in China (mainland), there is a strong economic basis of oversea development with long time exploration and deployment of business strategy. according to our history of development in the mainland, we have sufficient capacity and experience to establish the business and explore more markets overseas. Meanwhile, we know that business is not just for one day or a short time. meanwhile, only long-time cooperation and business relationship can witness our honesty and services. we have developed and been expanding our market in mainland still and consolidating it for a long time. so why not we endeavor the international market and compose the story of global journey?




Guangzhou Xingjin Fire Equipment Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer which focus on fm200 automatic fire suppression system.

In this field, the whole project can be divided into three parts. they are design of whole system and procurement of equipment, then installation of the system. Sometimes, one person will let the design institute to offer one scheme. Then they will seek one proper factory or distributor or vendor to buy all equipment and accessories according to the scheme. Finally, they should find one team to solve installation. That is a very complicate project. In addition, there could create some discrepancy between different institutes or teams.

Actually, we can totally offer all service for you, even we are just one factory here. Because we have our own design team. They have rich experience in this respect. In terms of designing, they always can provide wonderful service. Meanwhile, if you purchase adopt our design scheme and want to place the order from us, it will be very clear and easy for us to continue next work. We will know the whole detail soon. Because that is just communication between two departments here. Of course, after end of producing, we can directly arrange our installation team to finish the whole installation work if you need us.

So we are assembling design and equipment and installation together, which will extremely accelerate working period and promote working efficiency and save cost.

Here are few things which need to be mentioned:

One is that our design service is free. But we do not accept excessive or undue requirement from customers. Because this is our free service. We should consider our cost and avoid meaningless input. Hope you can understand our original intention.

Two is that we will charge money for installation. Here we should consider them from two aspects. One is fee of personnel, the other is living expense.

Totally speaking, we will try our best and spare our effort to offer you best service. That is our aim of business.


We have all kinds of teams in our company here according to the structure and constitution of our enterprise. Meanwhile, our teams can be different characters according to different working requirements and tasks. In general, we can be one team when we work together for one same project.

Here we have our workshop. Workers can be divided into various types according to their working levels and contents. Since you know our system consists of many accessories. So there are many teams, which specialize in their own work. For example, one group focuses on cylinders, another focuses on driving devices, etc. Equally, we have our office in the same place together with factory. So here we have our sales team or customer service team or design team, etc. So that, our company can be complete and excellent and easy to answer our customers on the support of such teams.

Also, all teams are unite and working-hard. We have one goal that offer best quality and service to our customers. Meanwhile, our teams are fully experienced in this field in respect of fm200 system. As to spirit of our teams, we can offer you intimate service. Every detail, every query, or every requirement, as you need our hands, we will do that without any hesitation. That is our teams.

Perfect quality depends on best service, but best service trusts harmony teams. So here is your only choice. Because we have power teams background.

Our Team


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