How to Budget the Mechanical Part of Hanging or Cabinet Type of FM200 Fire Suppression System?

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1. Calculation of FM200 Gas (If you have got the quantity of fm200 gas, this step can be neglected)

Two things should be considered:

One, the dimension or volume or length and width and height of the protection zone;

Two, the type of protection zone. (Different type of protection zone need different design density of fm200 gas).

Computer room or communication center or archive or museum or generator or transfer station etc.

2. Choice of Container

One thing should be considered and one principle should be complied with.

As you can see, here we have different models and many sizes for each model, such as electricity-controlled and temperature-controlled hanging type and cabinet type.

Electricity-controlled Type of FM200 System

For this model, we have 16liters and 20liters and 30liters and 40liters and 50liters.

Electricity-controlled Type of FM200 System

Temperature-controlled Type of FM200 System

For this model, we have 8liters and 10liters and 16liters and 20liters and 30liters and 40liters and 50liters.

Temperature-controlled Type of FM200 System

Cabinet Type of FM200 System

For this type, we have 40liters and 70liters and 90liters and 100liters and 120liters and 150liters and 180liters.

Cabinet Type of FM200 System

You should consider which model is better.

Considering the installation and space, the temperature-controlled one is absolutely simplest and easiest. You just need to fasten it to the ceiling. Because we have filled the gas and offered the accessories to fix the device. And the actuating temperature is around 68℃.So this type is the best choice for little room.

But if the protection is bigger, you can consider about the cabinet type or multiple electricity-controlled type. Because if there is no too much space for extinguishing device, the hanging type can function.

Then if the protection zone need multiple spots to be monitored. You should consider the electricity-controlled type of cabinet type. Because they will connect with alarm system where you can arrange multiple detectors according to your real requirement.

Maybe you donot know which size is proper for your choice. So here is a principle:

The max filling quantity of fm200 gas is almost equal to the value of volume of cylinder. That means the max filling quantity of 16liters cylinder is close to 16kg fm200 gas. So that you can choose the cylinder according to the quantity of fm200 form step 1.

In general, you just need offer the details of protection zone. We can reply to you with a relevant accurate quotation.

Of course, according to step above, we can make an example here.

If the protection zone is a electricity and 40 cubic meter, then the necessary extinguishing agent after calculation is 28.8kg. Then according to the principle of step2, we can choose the 30liters tank. Then the budget is clear now.

Pipe network type of fm200 system is more popular in big project or multiple zones which are connected or near by. Of course, it will be very complicated to make an accurate budget. The product above can be estimated by yourself sometimes. But for pipe network type of fm200 system, you can handle the project to us overall. We need to design and calculate all the accessories, then we can give you an exact quotation.

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