IG100 Fire Suppression System

IG100 uses 100% pressurized nitrogen, which accounts for 78% of the atmosphere, as the extinguishing agent. Its ozone depletion potential (ODP) and  global warming potential (GWP) are zero. The atmospheric retention time is zero without any adverse effects on the environment. It fully integrates the design concept of the fire-extinguishing system in the new era, so that the product successfully has the function of environmental protection and efficient fire-fighting.

IG100 fire suppression system characteristics

1. Compared with the traditional 15MPa system, the number of fire extinguishing agent cylinders can be saved by 25%-50%.

2. The building area between cylinders is effectively reduced, and the overall use value and utilization rate of the building are improved.

3. Constant 6MPa low pressure release, reduce the whole system of pipe network and components cost.

4. The constant release pressure of 6MPa provides more lasting and effective pressure, and the transmission distance can reach 200 meters.

5. Low pressure release of the whole system, less impact on site personnel, equipment and building structure, and more safety

6. The external constant pressure reliever can only bear the pressure when the system is spraying, which is convenient for disassembly and maintenance and effectively reduces the failure rate of the system.

7. After spraying, the system does not need to replace any parts, simple disassembly and secondary filling, the system can be quickly put into operation.

8. The opening area of the gas pressure relief port is reduced, the input cost of the safety pressure relief device is directly reduced, and the safety buckle is installed and arranged more simply.

9. Nitrogen fire suppression system can be widely used to make rapid response to fire, protect the site with staff, sudden fire and chemical reaction sensitive important places, effectively protect the safety of personnel and property.



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