Pipe Network Type of IG541 Automatic Fire Suppression System

  • Place of Origin: China
  • Brand Name: Xingjin
  • Standard of Examination: GB25972-2010
  • Certification: CAL, CMA, CNAS, ILAC-MRA, CCC
  • Storage Pressure: 4.2Mpa or 5.6Mpa
  • Capacity of Cylinder: 80L, 90L
  • Zone Management: Single or Multiple
  • Pattern of Extinguishing: Enclosed Flooding
  • Agent: IG541 (mixture gas: 52% nitrogen, 40% argon, 8% carbon dioxide)
  • Actuation: Automatic or Manual

PRODUCT Description


IG541 mixture gas (52% nitrogen, 40% argon, 8% carbon dioxide) is a kind of colorless and tasteless and nontoxic and non-conducting, pure “green”gas without residue and pollution after extinguishing. And ODP of it is zero. It is a friendly-environment gas to be used for extinguishing. Also, because of such feature, it can be used in special place where electrical fire is easy to happen.

Combined with extinguishing device and electronic accessories, the whole system can be actuated automatically. It can monitor the situation of protective region through detectors and then it can also start the extinguishing device through solenoid actuator automatically. So the whole system can achieve automation totally. Therefore, it can avoid that there is no one who notice the fire when it happens and it also saves much money for employment to supervise the protective area.

Management of Multiple zones is also in the safe control of the whole system. We can use one system to protect multiple zones through distributing valves. It can make the whole system alternative aiming at different protective zone. Agent can be discharged into where the fire happens. It will be very efficient to put out fire in short time. One thing that need to mention, is that a little room should be prepare to be as storage space for the whole system.


Computer room, telecommunication room, transformer room, electrical switch and distribution room, generator room, leaching tank, drying equipment, paint spraying booth, electrical instrument room, control center, library, archives, treasure trove of cultural relics, etc.


Piped network type of IG541 automatic fire suppression system is mainly composed by three parts: extinguishing devices,  pipe fittings and electrical accessories.

Extinguishing devices are such things, like cylinder to fill and store IG541 mixture gas, frame and driving device(nitrogen cylinder) to trigger the storage cylinder to discharge agent.

Pipe fittings are those conduits to connect extinguishing device and guide agent into protective zone, like high pressure galvanized steel pipe and flange and elbow.

Electrical accessories are those things which are used to detect and monitor whole protective area and control whole system, also warn people to evacuate and prevent from fire expansion.

These integrated three parts will be efficient to detect and supervise and alarm and extinguish fire automatically.

Single/Multiple cylinder(s) for multiple zone                                           Multiple cylinders for one zone


Competitive Advantage:


In terms of description of agent, one of its competent advantages is that it can be used for all kinds of class fires except metal fire. And it is clean agent. There is no residue and pollution after extinguishing.

Another one is that IG541 extinguishing system is special for critical assets or device. It will have no damage for your property. Relatively, it is cheap and effective to be chosen as fire suppression system.

It is very efficient for you to protect your possession. Since it is a system, it include extinguishing device to put out fire at short time, specially, shorter than 10 second. It means all agent will be discharged in so short time. Then it will be flooding overall. In addition, it has time-delay mechanism. It is around 2 minute. It means when fire happens, there is enough time left to evacuate people from hazardous place.

It can let multiple zones are protectively in the control of one system. Then it will save much money for big and multiple zones.

Working principle:


Here is the illustration of working principle to whole system,

Simulated diagram:

 Below attached is one mimic diagram of piped network type of IG541 mixture gas automatic fire suppression system



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