FM200 Valve

    The container valve is mounted on the fire extinguishing reservoir and is used to seal the fire extinguishing agent in the storage bottle. When a fire occurs, the starting gas opens the container valve and releases the extinguishing agent to extinguish the fire. In an emergency, the handle can be opened to open the valve to extinguish the fire.

    Use and maintenance: When filling the fire extinguishing agent and driving the gas, first loosen the compression nut of the hand starter and remove the hand starter. Use a hex wrench (2.5mm) to loosen the screw on the piston. After the driving gas is filled, screw the screw tightly, reinstall the hand starter and tighten the nut. After the installation, a fixed period of time is required for maintenance inspection. If abnormal conditions are found, they should be processed in time before continuing to use.

  • Container Valve

    Container Valve

    In pipe network system container valve is fixed between storage cylinder and high pressure hose for sealing agent in the cylinder.




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